American Express (AmEx) Online Banking

Updated: March 24, 2019

American Express online banking

Foundation year:1850
FounderHenry Wells and William G. Fargo
Key People) Stephen J. Squeri (Chairman and CEO) | Jeffrey C. Campbell (CFO and Executive Vice-President)
Headquarters:New York City, New York
Mobile app:Android/Apple
☎ Telephone number:1-800-528-2122
Routing number:124085066
Number of employees:55,000
Number of locations:Not known
ATM locatorNone
Bank’s Rating


American Express (AmEx): Introduction

The American Express Company, which is also known simply as AmEx, appears to be an American multinational financial services corporation, headquartered in New York City. AmEx is best known for its credit cards, which tend to be the rivals of Visa and MasterCard. Currently, this company serves customers worldwide.

American Express was founded back in 1850 by the merger of Livingston, Fargo & Company (founded by William G. Fargo) and Wells & Company (founded by Henry Wells). Even at that time, the company’s headquarters was located in Manhattan, New York.

The key products of American Express on offer are credit cards, charge cards, traveler’s cheques, and corporate banking services. The number of employees working for AmEx exceeds 55,000, while the company’s revenues almost reached $33.50 billion in 2017.

American Express Review

American Express is best known for its AmEx credit cards, which in many cases tend to outperform other cards in terms of rewards. Typically, such really generous rewards have attracted a large number of customers, who opted in favor of AmEx credit cards than Visa and MasterCard card.

AmEx has a really wide selection of credit cards on offer, and you can find credit cards for any purpose: rewards, travel, balance transfer, credit building, business, or beneficial hotel booking. Considering that the majority of these cards come without an annual fee, there is a good incentive for many customers to get these credit cards. Among most popular credit cards, one may mention Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express and American Express      Blue Business Plus Card.

 However, there are disadvantages to this issue, too.  The number of ATMs that can let you get your cash (and, moreover, without a cash withdrawal fee) is really scarce. Besides, if you are traveling abroad, you shouldn’t expect to find that many places where AmEx will really be accepted – unlike Visa and MasterCard cards.

There are the following AmEx pros:

  • There is a large section of credit cards available.
  • You can find an AmEx credit card of any type: balance transfer, rewards, travel, etc.
  • Many credit cards offer bountiful rewards.
  • Most credit cards come without an annual fee.

Yet, AmEx credit cards come with some disadvantages too:

  • American Express is not as widely accepted as Visa and MasterCard.
  • Very few banks prefer to use AmEx than Visa or MasterCard.
  • The number of ATMs where you can withdraw cash without incurring a withdrawal fee is really scarce.

In addition to this page with plenty of information about American Express, you can also find out how to use American Express online banking. So, you can view it on the American Express login page.

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