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Updated: July 6, 2019

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You need to know the Bank of America routing numbers in case if you are going to make a transfer to the account of someone, who has a bank account with BoA. Routing numbers are much different than SWIFT codes, whereas the latter is used solely for international transfers. This page will simply provide you with an opportunity to get to know the BoA routing numbers for any American state.

What Are Bank of America Routing Numbers?

First of all, the primary purpose of a routing number is to identify where your bank account was opened. This, in turn, helps the banks to complete money transfers and payments faster and in a more convenient way. For instance, bank checks contain routing numbers at the bottom, and you can view them as an example. Usually, there are three types of digits that can be found on checks: a routing number, an account number, as well as a check number.

Routing numbers are also known as ABA, and their origins took place in 1910 – the system of routing numbers was established by the American Bankers Association. In a result, the banks have got an opportunity to make the processing of the Fedwire transfers (through the Federal Reserve Banks) and direct deposits (through the ACH network) much more faster and efficient.

Bank of America Routing Numbers

Basically, any routing number follows the same pattern of digits, and every digit bears a certain meaning – something that you can also find on credit cards. First of all, the first two digits point to a district in which a bank is located. The next two figures signify a branch district or a center of the Federal Reserve Bank that processes the checks and payments. The next 4 figures of the routing number stand for a financial institution. After all, the last digit is used to make sure that the routing number is accurate. (find out more about the Luhn Algorithm).

It is normal that many smaller banks tend to have only one routing number, whereas this doesn’t tend to cause any problems for them. Yet, the situation is completely different for larger banks. Many larger banks, such as Wells Fargo or Citi Bank, find it inconvenient to process all the payments while using only one routing number. It is something usual that such big banks have one routing number per one American state, and they significantly differ. Moreover, there can be multiple routing numbers for one American state, as you will see in this article.

The List of Bank of America Routing Numbers

As you could read in our article above, Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the United States. Thus, it appears to be natural that this financial institution utilizes more than one routing number for processing payments. At this point in our page, you will get to see a complete, full list of Bank of America routing numbers, which will help you to make a payment to a BoA bank account.

But before you will send payment, you have to ensure and double-check that all the details you have entered are correct. One thing that we have to point out especially is that you should make sure whether the location of the recipient and, in a result, the routing number is correct. In case you are not sure about the accuracy of this information, we recommend you to contact the bank via a phone call and solve this issue.

You can the Bank of America routing numbers in various American states right in the table below. Now, you can choose the state that suits, get a routing number, and make a payment.

StateRouting Number
District of Columbia054001204
Florida, East063000047
Florida, East063100277
Florida, West063100277
Illinois, South081904808
Illinois, North071000505
Illinois, Chicago Metro071103619
Illinois, Chicago Metro081904808
Indiana, accounts opened online before 08/23/2008051000017
Indiana, accounts opened online after 08/23/2008081904808
Michigan, accounts opened online before 8/23/2008051000017
Michigan, accounts opened online after 8/23/2008081904808
Michigan, all other072000805
Missouri East/St. Louise081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City101000035
Missouri West/Kansas City081000032
New Hampshire011400495
New Jersey021200339
New Mexico021200339
New York021000322
North Carolina053000196
North Dakota051000017
Rhode Island011500010
South Carolina053904483
South Dakota051000017
Texas, North111000025
Texas, South113000023
Texas, South111000025
West Virginia051000017

How to Make a Wire Transfer with Bank of America

In case you are the customer of Bank of America, you can make a domestic wire transfer or an international wire transfer online. As a matter of fact, the entire process is really quick and simple. This part of our article will provide you with hands-on guidelines on the matter of how to make a wire transfer via this bank.

Before proceeding to this procedure, you have to ensure that you have signed up for online banking with BoA and are eligible to make money transfers online. If you have got any problems regarding that, you can visit our BoA Login Guide and complete the necessary actions and steps. Also, bear in mind that Bank of America charges up to $30 for domestic transfers and up to $45 for international transfers.

This is how you can make a money transfer with Bank of America online:

  • The first thing you have to ensure is that you have got all the necessary information about the recipient. In particular, you need to have the following details from the recipient: the bank name, address, and country of a recipient, the bank’s routing number or SWIFT code, a bank account number of the recipient, an IBAN (for international transfers), and a reason of sending a transfer.
  • Next, you have to launch a new tab in your browser and access the following website:
  • Now, you have to log in to your online banking account. If you don’t know how to do it or have got any problems with it, you can solve them on this page.
  • Once you have accessed your online banking account, follow to the SafePass feature – Bank of America recommends to use it as an extra security measure.
  • Click on “Send Payment” and start filling out the details of the recipient.
  • Next, enter the sum that you want to send to the recipient.
  • Now, double-check the information that you have just entered. If you are sure that everything looks fine, then you have to click on the “Send Payment” button and make a payment. If you have made a payment after 4:30 P.M., then it will be delivered on the next day.


Actually, it is something natural that not all things about routing numbers may be clear. That is the reason why we have created this FAQ section, which will help you to find the answers to the questions that interest you. In this simple way, you will get to know more about the Bank of America routing numbers.

Q: What is a routing number?

A: As we have just described in this article above, a routing number is a 9-digit code, which is used for identifying the bank that must receive the funds. Typically, you will have to use routing numbers for making ACH transfers or domestic wire transfers. International transfers do not require routing numbers.

Q: Are SWIFT code and routing number the same things?

A: These two types of codes are completely different things, which are used for different purposes. In that regard, routing numbers are used only for making domestic wire transfers. SWIFT codes, on the other hand, are needed to make international transfers. Moreover, all of the American banks have a routing number (at least one), while many smaller banks tend not to have SWIFT codes. In such cases, they use intermediary banks for receiving transfers.

Q: How can I get to know the routing number of my bank?

A: If you are a customer of Bank of America, the first source of the routing numbers for your bank is right above! Apart from that, there are a variety of ways how you can get to know a necessary routing number: use a bank statement, use a check, use the bank’s online banking system, or use the mobile app. After all, you can always call the bank’s customer support.

Q: Should I use my routing number for receiving international transfers?

A: Typically, your counterpart may need only a SWIFT code for that purpose. But theoretically, someone may use a routing number for making an international wire transfer too! However, making an international transfer through the SWIFT system is the simplest and easiest way to go.

Q: Is there a difference between ACH transfers and wire transfers?

A: Usually, ACH transfers appear to be free or very cheap, while you may be charged a fee of up to $30 per domestic wire transfer. The reason for that is because ACH transfers are sent in bulk. On the other hand, wire transfers are sent immediately, which automatically mounts the costs.

Q: Is there a way to use a SWIFT code instead of a routing number?

A: As we have just pointed out above, a SWIFT code can be used for international wire transfers. But a routing number is necessary for making a domestic transfer, and you can’t use a SWIFT code for that purpose.

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