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Updated: June 17, 2019

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 Foundation year:1977
 FounderNot known
 Key PeopleTerry Zink (CEO)
 Headquarters:Billings, Montana
 Mobile app:Android/Apple
☎ Telephone number:888-752-33-41
 Routing number:092901683
‍? Number of employees:1,700
 Number of locations:120 branches
 ATM locatorFind here
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Bank of the Cascades: Introduction

Bank of the Cascades was a financial company from Bend, Oregon, which was founded back in 1977. The bank specialized in providing retail banking services to its customers. In 2016, however, the Bank of the Cascades was acquired by the First Interstate Bank from Montana for $589 million.

After the acquisition of the Bank of the Cascades, all its customers and operations have been transferred to the First Interstate Bank. Thankfully, though, the First Interstate Bank has quite a good, decent system of online banking, which gave it a chance to retain most of the customers. So, if the quality of a bank’s online banking system is important for you, you should definitely have a look at this bank.

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