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Updated: July 16, 2019

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 Foundation year:1997
 FounderNot known
 Key PeopleRick Urrutia (CEO)
 Headquarters:Draper, Utah
 Mobile app:Android/Apple
☎ Telephone number:+1-801-545-6600
 Routing number:124384602
 SWIFT code:
‍Number of employees:Not known
 Number of locations:Not known
 ATM locatorThere is no location
 Bank’s Rating


Merrick Bank: Introduction

Unlike many banks that are listed on our website (such as Wells Fargo, for instance), Merrick Bank has a very short history, as it was launched back in 1997. As of the present time, the bank appears to be a subsidiary of CardWorks, Inc. But considering that it was founded just 20 years ago, the fact that it is included in the top 20 American issues of credit cards nowadays tends to be rather impressive.

Indeed, little information is known about the Merrick Bank, and you can’t locate the bank’s ATMs (or get to know their number) and find out about its SWIFT code. The reason for that is that this bank doesn’t target the audience that is interested in such services. The primary target audience of Merrick Bank is people who are seeking to build or rebuild their credit history, and that’s something this bank is capable to offer.

As of the present time, there are more than 3 million cardholders whose credit cards were issued by this bank. But considering that Merrick Bank tends to be a member of the FDIC, one may be pretty confident about the safety of one’s funds.

A few words must also be said about the online banking of this bank. The website of Merrick Bank tends to be quite appealing and minimalistic, while the user-friendly interface allures the users to try its online banking program out. Regarding the Merrick Bank online banking program, it can be said that there is nothing difficult to enroll in it and this program provides many useful features to the customers of this bank.


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