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Updated: July 14, 2019

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 Foundation year:1971
 Key PeopleO. B. Grayson Hall Jr. (CEO) | David J. Turner, Jr (CFO)
 Headquarters:Birmingham, Alabama
 Mobile app:Android/
☎ Telephone number:+1-800-734-4667
 Routing number:082000109
‍Number of employees:21,714
 Number of locations:1,899 ATMs and 1,469 branches
 ATM locatorFind here
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Regions Bank: Introduction

Unlike many American banks (such as Wells Fargo or PNC Bank), the history of Regions Bank is not that long, yet it has already managed to grow into one of the largest banks in the United States. Besides, Regions Bank is the only company in the Fortune 500 list, the headquarters of which is located in Alabama. Actually, Regions Bank nowadays offers insurance and mortgage services, securities brokerage, commercial and retail banking services in 16 Midwestern and Southern United States.

Actually, the history of Regions Bank started in 1971 after a merger of the First National Bank of Huntsville, Alabama, Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham, Alabama, and First National Bank of Montgomery, Alabama. The headquarters of the newly created bank became a historic edifice in Huntsville, Alabama, that dated back to 1835. The merger was actually completed only by 1985 – the banks had to keep operating separately before it.

The name of this bank was changed in 1994 when the company was rebranded into Regions Financial Corporation in order to point out that it has grown beyond Alabama. The bank also carried out a number of acquisitions in the 1990s and 2000s. It also appears to be the largest deposit holder in Alabama nowadays.

Apart from the mortar-and-brick services this bank offers, it also allows the users to take advantage of the Regions Bank online banking service. The design of the bank’s website is quite sleek and convenient, which means that the users are unlike to face any issues while using it.

In 2017, the number of workers employed by this bank almost reached 22,000.  And while the revenues of this bank were much lower than, for example, the revenues of Capital One and slightly exceeded $6 billion, this bank still can boast one of the largest networks of ATMs and branches in the United States. The key products of Regions Bank include insurance, asset management, investment banking, mortgage banking, retail banking, and commercial banking.

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