Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

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Wells Fargo routing numbers are necessary when you make direct transfers to the bank accounts of this bank. Routing numbers are actually different from SWIFT numbers – the latter are used to make SWIFT international transfers. This page contains Wells Fargo routing numbers for each American state, so you can easily find a routing number … Read more

Bank of America Routing Numbers

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You need to know the Bank of America routing numbers in case if you are going to make a transfer to the account of someone, who has a bank account with BoA. Routing numbers are much different than SWIFT codes, whereas the latter is used solely for international transfers. This page will simply provide you … Read more

Ally Bank Routing Numbers

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Sometimes, when you are making an online payment or payment by phone, you might be asked about a routing number of your bank. The routing number actually is an identificator of the location where your bank account was opened. So, if you are a customer of the Ally Bank and you need to know your … Read more