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Updated: July 16, 2019

Synchrony Bank is not included in the top largest banks in the United States, as it doesn’t have many branches and ATMs. However, this bank is a well-known issuer of credit cards and it issues credit cards for a variety of brands, including Amazon, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Banana Republic, BP, American Eagle, and a number of others. In this article, we will review the most popular credit cards from Synchrony and provide guides how to apply for them.

Best Credit Cards from Synchrony Bank

At this point of our review, we have collected several credit cards that can be deemed as the best Synchrony credit cards. While the Amazon credit card will be suitable only for those who frequently shop at Amazon, the credit cards for Sam’s Club and BP offer generous rewards for every customer. So, read our review and make your decision regarding which credit card suits your needs best.

Amazon Prime Store Credit Card

Amazon Prime Store Credit Card

Annual fee: $0.

Purchase APR: 25.99%.

Recommended credit score: from 690 to 850.

Most suitable for: customers who already have an annual Amazon Prime membership.

Credit card features:

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This credit card from Synchrony Bank is recognized as one of its most successful products, which tends to be especially favored by avid Amazon customers. And even though it comes only with a few features, they are so much rewarding that often offset a de facto $99 annual fee.

Let’s start with the basics. Even though this Amazon Prime Store credit card from Synchrony Bank comes without an annual fee, you need to have an annual Amazon Prime membership in order to be able to apply for the card. The membership costs $99 per year, which can effectively be counted as an annual fee for the credit card (unless you take advantage of the other benefits of the membership). In exchange, you will enjoy a cash back rewards rate of 5% on purchases made on, which is quite a solid rate of rewards.

But if you buy the Amazon Prime membership only for the sake of applying for this credit card, then you would need to spend at least $1,980 in order to pay off the annual fee of the membership. Besides, one has to mention that cash back of 5% is applied only to the products from certain rotating categories, and the rewards rate may be lower for all other products. After all, there is also a quarterly cap on bonuses, which may be somewhere from $1,500 to $2,250.

Apart from the cash back rewards, this Synchrony credit card also offers a 0% APR promotional financing option. There are the following conditions for the promotional financing: you get a 6-month long financing without APR on purchases of $149 or more, a 1-year long financing without APR on purchases of $599 and more as well as other select purchases, and a 2-year long financing without APR only on select purchases. Keep in mind that you will not receive cash back for the products you purchased with promotional financing.

It is worth to mention, after all, that you will also receive a $10 gift card from Also, keep in mind that the APR of this Synchrony credit card is a way too high, and you will be charged all the interest if you don’t pay the bills for a promotional financing on time. All in all, this is a worthwhile credit card from Synchrony Bank, but one has to carefully weigh whether it is worth applying for it before purchasing the annual membership from Amazon.


Sam’s Club MasterCard

Sam’s Club MasterCard

Annual fee: $0.

Purchase APR: from 14.9% to 22.99%.

Recommended credit score: from 690 to 850.

Most suitable for: customers who spend a lot on gas purchases annually and who are frequenters to Sam’s Club stores.

Credit card features:

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One may definitely state that Sam’s Club MasterCard from Synchrony Bank is among the top-tier credit cards from this bank. And even though this card will be especially suitable for anyone who frequently shops at Sam’s Club stores, there may be reasons even for people who don’t visit Sam’s Club at all to apply for it as well.

So, this Synchrony credit card is, indeed, centered around cash back rewards. You will enjoy the 5% cash back rewards rate on gas purchases at the majority of the country’s gas stations – except of those owned by Costco, BJ’s, and others. You will also get a cash back of 3% on travel and dining, as well as 1% cash back on all other purchases. And while the latter seems to be far lower than the market average, you can squeeze a lot of value of this credit card if you travel or go to dine out often, as well as making gas purchases.

You have to bear in mind, however, that there is an annual cap of $5,000 on the amount of cash back bonuses you can amass. The cash back of 5% on gas purchases is also limited to the first $6,000 worth purchases in a year. Given that, however, you will anyway be able to get $300 in cash back if you spend $6,000 on gas purchases in a year.

And even though the credit card doesn’t have an annual fee, you must have a membership at Sam’s Club, which costs $45. But as our calculations show, you can buy the membership only in order to profit from the high cash back rewards rate on gas purchases – if you spend a lot on gas, you will definitely receive far more bonuses than you will spend for the membership.

You must also keep in mind that cash back rewards are mailed to you in a form of checks, which must be redeemed at one of Sam’s Club locations within 180 days after being issued. One may sum up that this credit card from Synchrony Bank offers top-notch benefits and is worth applying even if you are not a frequenter to that warehouse club.


BP Visa Credit Card

BP Visa Credit Card

Annual fee: $0.

Purchase APR: 27.24%.

Recommended credit score: from 690 to 850.

Most suitable for: customers who spend a lot on travel, gas, groceries, and dining out.

Credit card features:

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The BP Visa Credit Card can also be included in the list of the best Synchrony credit cards, whereas it offers a pretty good cash back on many purchases. One may squeeze a great value of this credit card by spending a lot in the first 90 days.

To begin with, one must mention that the card comes without an annual fee, but has a staggering APR – we highly discourage you from not paying your bills on time with this card. But at the same time, the credit card comes with a terrific cash back rewards rate – especially during the first 90 days. During the first 3-month period, you will get 25¢ off per gallon per gallon for spending $100 anywhere except of non-BP gas stations. That means that you get an effective cash back of 5%.

Once the 90-day period has expired, the rewards will be somewhat lower and you will enjoy the same 5% cash back rewards rate only at BP stations. Apart from it, you will get a 3% cash back rewards rate on dining, groceries, and travel. After all, the 1 % rewards rate will be applicable to all other purchases except those that are made of non-BP gas stations.

The rewards you get with this credit card you can either get as a statement credit or redeem at the pump. We highly recommend you to do the latter, whereas getting the rewards as a statement credit is not profitable. All in all, one must carefully weigh how to maximize the rewards of this credit card before filling out the application form.

How to Log In To Synchrony Credit Card Account

Once you have got a credit card from Synchrony Bank, you can sign in to your credit card right on the bank’s website (make sure to enroll in the Synchrony online banking before that). That will allow you to make transactions, pay bills, view credit card statements, or set up mobile alerts. In this part of our page, we will disclose how to do in a quick and simple way.

You are able to sign in to your credit card account with Synchrony in this simple way:

  • In the first place, you have to start by launching a new tab in your browser and accessing the following webpage:

best Synchrony credit cards

  • Right after that, you will have to click on the “YOUR ACCOUNT” text button, located in the right-upper corner of the page.

best credit cards from Synchrony Bank

  • Following it, you will see the online banking form. At that point, you can start accessing your credit card account.
  • At first, you should type the username of your online banking account in the first field.

how to log in to synchrony credit card account online

  • Then, enter your password in the second field of the form.
  • You are also able to check the box near “Remember User Name” in order to save your username for future sessions.
  • Eventually, you have to click on the “Secure Log In” button. You will access your credit card account right after that.

How to Apply for a Synchrony Credit Card

If you don’t have a Synchrony credit card yet, you can apply for a new one directly on the bank’s website. If you have a sufficient credit score for a selected credit card, you will be able to enjoy the credit card pretty soon. As this part of our article will demonstrate, there is definitely nothing difficult in submitting an online application for a Synchrony credit card.

You can apply for a credit card from Synchrony Bank by making these steps:

how to apply for a synchrony credit card

  • On the main webpage of Synchrony, you should move your mouse over “Consumers” and click on “Credit Cards.”

where to get a synchrony credit card

  • Right after that, you will get to see the advertising of credit cards. You need to click on the “CREDIT CARD PARTNERS” field.

how to obtain a credit card from synchrony

  • In that field, you have to start entering the name of your card and select the one that you want to get.
  • Right after that, you have to click on the green “APPLY FOR A CARD” button, which appeared nearby.

synchrony credit card online application

  • On the next page, you will get to see the online application form – start filling that form out.
  • Once you have filled out the form, click on the “Continue” button and proceed further.

apply for a synchrony credit card online

  • Then, select a credit card option that you want to get and click on “Continue.”
  • Right after that, wait the response from the bank and get to know whether you have been approved for the selected credit card.

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