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Updated: June 23, 2019

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Union Bank is a large financial institution in the United States, which makes it obvious that the bank has certain credit card products, offered on the market. In this review of Union Bank credit cards, we will not only disclose important details about each of the bank’s most popular cards, but will also provide guides on how to use the cards online and apply for a credit card from Union Bank.

Best Credit Cards from Union Bank

Surprisingly, Union Bank has come up with solid credit card products, which seem to be more than decent. And even though its secured credit card is barely worth applying for it, the other credit cards from this bank offer some exceptional value. For instance, Union Bank Visa Credit Card offers a fantastic opportunity for people looking to consolidate their credit, while the rewards credit card offers generous cash back rewards.

Union Bank Secured Visa Credit Card

Best union bank credit cards

Annual fee: $25.

Purchase APR: 20.49%.

Recommended credit score: from 600 to 850.

Most suitable for: anyone who needs to rebuild one’s credit history.

Credit card features:


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This Union Bank credit card is aimed at those customers who have an enormously low credit score and cannot apply for a credit card with solid benefits. And even though this secure credit card may serve as a means of access to the credit market to the customers with low credit score, there are justified doubts regarding whether this card is worth it.

First of all, it is worth to mention that this credit card comes with an annual fee of $25, which is a solid disadvantage. Surprisingly, it offers a relatively reasonable APR, which is 20.49% – that is among the lowest APRs for customers with poor credit history. On the other hand, this Union Bank credit card – despite charging an annual fee – offers nothing else, save the low credit score requirements.

It has to be mentioned also that the card comes with a 3% foreign transaction fee. That means that it doesn’t make any sense to use this credit card abroad. In a result, you actually purchase access to the credit card market for $25 per year. And even though this credit card from Union Bank might sound like a solution to some customers, we highly encourage you to research the market and look for secured credit cards that do not have an annual fee – there are plenty of worthwhile options on the market.

Union Bank Visa Credit Card

Best union bank credit cards

Annual fee: $0.

Purchase APR: from 10.24% to 21.74%.

Recommended credit score: from 650 to 850.

Most suitable for: anyone who needs to rebuild one’s credit history.

Credit card features:

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Even though this Union credit card doesn’t offer a large number of features and bonuses to its customers, it’s definitely one of the best cards for a particular purpose. This card would be a perfect choice if you have an outstanding debt that you need to pay off.

Unlike the previously reviewed credit card, Union Bank Visa Card comes without an annual fee, which is, indeed, a great advantage (compared with the secured visa credit card). The only benefit that this credit card offers to the customers is a 15-month long 0% intro APR period on both purchases and balance transfers. Such a feature of this card will allow any customers to transfer their debts to this credit card and pay out the debts without having to pay an interest rate for 15 months.

But such a long intro APR period is not something unusual among credit cards. For example, Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card offers 18 months of 0% intro APR period on balance transfers and purchases. But that card from Wells Fargo – as well as many others on the market – comes with a transfer balance fee (which is typically 3% or $5), which makes a balance transfer not as beneficial (but still worthwhile). In the meantime, you will not incur a balance transfer fee with Union Bank Visa Credit Card if you complete a balance transfer within the 60 days!

After all, it is also needed to mention that the card has quite a low APR, which tends to be 10.24% on the low end. This Union credit card also has a 3% foreign transaction fee, which means that you shouldn’t use it eagerly abroad. To sum up, this credit card from Union Bank is an ideal choice for any customer who has an outstanding debt – you will be able to get rid of the need to pay an interest rate for 15 months, and that comes even without a balance transfer fee! This is a rare offer on the market, indeed.

Union Bank Rewards Visa Credit Card

best credit cards from union bank

Annual fee: $0.

Purchase APR: from 15.74% to 25.74%.

Recommended credit score: from 680 to 850.

Most suitable for: customers who already have a bank account (or preferably mortgage) with Union Bank and who want to get a good cash back rewards rate.

Credit card features:

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This Union credit card is, indeed, a card that is aimed at rewards maximizers. And while the credit card is not bad at all, there are certain nuances on how to use it. One may say for sure that it wouldn’t be a waste to have the Union Bank Rewards Visa Card  in your wallet.

First of all, it is worth to get an understanding of how the points are redeemed. You can redeem the points in three ways: towards statement credits, cash back deposits, and mortgage payments. And while the first way will roughly leave you with a value of 1 point to be worth $0.01, the latter two ways have a value of one point to be equal to $0.0125 and $0.015 respectively. This means that the best and most profitable way to redeem your points is to pay with them for your mortgage with Union Bank.

According to those calculations, you will have a cash back rewards rate somewhere between 1% and up to 7.5%. And while the latter figure is quite high, there are certain nuances. You will get 5 points for each $1 spent on mobile wallet purchases, 3 points for every $1 spent on restaurant purchases, and 2 points for every $1 spent on grocery and gas purchases. However, keep in mind that such cash back rewards rates are applicable only to the first $6,000 spent in a year. After reaching that ceiling, you will get 1 point for every $1 spent on anything.

Considering that it is highly unlike that you have a mortgage with Union Bank, you can open a savings or checking account with Union Bank and redeem your rewards towards cash back deposits to your account. That will leave you with rewards being 25% higher than the you would get with a statement credit option.

If you decide to open a bank account with Union Bank for redeeming the rewards, you can expect to get cash back of 6.25% on mobile wallet purchases, 3.75% on restaurant purchases, and 2.5% on grocery and gas purchases for the first $6,000 spent – these are not bad rewards rates at all. In order to maximize the rewards, we recommend you to use your Union Bank Rewards Visa Card only on the purchases in those categories until you will reach the ceiling. If you were to spend $6,000 on the products of certain categories, you would get the cash back of $375 from mobile wallet purchases, $225 from restaurant purchases, or $150 from gas and grocery purchases.

After all, the credit card also comes with an 0% intro APR period on balance transfers and purchases, which can be quite useful too. In a result, one may conclude that this credit card from Union Bank offers generous rewards, yet one has to know how to use it correctly in order to squeeze the maximum of value out of it.

How to Log In To Union Credit Card Account

Once you have got a credit card from Union Bank, you can sign up for the online banking system of this bank. That will allow you to do many things with your credit card online, including paying your bills, making transactions, or viewing and downloading credit card statements. In this part of the page, we will guide you through the process of accessing your credit card account.

You are able to log in to your credit card account with Union Bank in the following way:

how to access union bank credit card online

  • On the bank’s website, you will notice the online banking form, placed on the left side of the page. Start typing your username in the “User ID” field and click on the “Sign On” button.

log in to credit card account with union bank

  • After that, you will be redirected to the next page. On the following page, you should type your password in the given field and click on the “Submit” button.

access union bank account online

  • Once you have done that, you will immediately access your online banking account.

How to Apply for a Union Credit Card

If you don’t have a credit card from Union Bank, you can try applying for one – especially if you have a sufficient credit score and you have selected a credit card you want. With Union Bank, you are able to apply for a credit card without getting out of your home. In this guide, we will explore how to fill out an application form online.

This is the way how you can apply for a credit card from Union Bank:

where to get credit card from union bank

  • On the bank’s website, you will see the main menu at the top. At that point, you should select the following: Personal > Loans & Lines of Credit.

how to get a credit card from union bank

  • In the dropdown menu that has just appeared, you should select “Credit Cards.”

how to apply for a credit card from union bank

  • Then, click on “Learn More” beneath “Compare all of our credit cards.”

union bank credit cards review

  • On the next page, you will get to see a table with all the features and fees of the Union Bank credit cards. At that point, you should scroll down and click on the “Apply Now” button beneath a credit card that has interested you.

union bank online application

  • Following it, you will get to see a page with an application form. At that point, you should start filling out the information about yourself.
  • Once you are done, you should click on the “Continue” button and finalize the application process.

how to apply for a card from union bank

  • After you have completed these steps, you should just await a response from the bank and get to know whether you have been accepted.

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