Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Updated: July 16, 2019

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Wells Fargo routing numbers are necessary when you make direct transfers to the bank accounts of this bank. Routing numbers are actually different from SWIFT numbers – the latter are used to make SWIFT international transfers. This page contains Wells Fargo routing numbers for each American state, so you can easily find a routing number you need.

What Is a Routing Number?

As a matter of fact, a routing number identifies where your bank account was opened. It helps the banks to complete bank transfers faster and easier. You can find routing numbers, for example on bank checks. Basically, bank checks usually contain three types of digits: routing number, account number, and check number.

The history of routing numbers (which are also known as ABA) can be traced back to 1910, when it was created by the American Bankers Association. This helped the banks to transfer funds via the ACH network (direct deposits) and the Federal Reserve Banks (Fedwire funds transfers) to process the payments faster and more efficiently.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Every routing number consists just of 9 digits, and every digit has a certain meaning (actually, similar to the credit cards). The first two figures signify in which district a bank is located. The third and four figures point to a center of the Federal Reserve Bank or a branch district that processes all the checks. The following four numbers of the code actually identify your financial institution. After all, the last digit is a used a check digit (learn more about the Luhn Algorithm) in order to ensure the accuracy of the number.

Many of the smaller banks tend to have only one routing number, and this appears to be just fine for them. However, larger banks find it inconvenient to process all the operations through only one routing number. With the purpose of ensuring that everything runs properly and in order, such big banks were allowed to use more than one routing number. As you can see on this page, there are different routing numbers for Wells Fargo in different states. So, before getting to use the table, you have to make sure that you know where to send a payment.

The List of Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

As we have just pointed out above, Wells Fargo is a large bank that tends to have many routing numbers. You will learn at this point of our article that there is a different routing number for a different American state. Actually, we have provided a complete list of Wells Fargo routing numbers, and this will help you to make a payment.

Before making a payment, you should make sure that all the details are correct. Please, also make sure that the recipient’s location corresponds with the routing number. If you are not sure about the accuracy of any data, you must contact the bank’s customer support via phone and ask them to clarify the situation.

These are the routing numbers of Wells Fargo in different American states. You have to choose an American state that interests you and use that number for making a payment.

StateRouting Number
District of Columbia054001220
New Hampshire121042882
New Jersey021200025
New Mexico107002192
New York026012881
North Carolina053000219
North Dakota091300010
Rhode Island121042882
South Carolina053207766
South Dakota091400046
Texas: El Paso112000066
West Virginia121042882
American Samoa121042882
North Mariana Islands121042882
Puerto Rico121042882
Virgin Islands121042882
American Forces Abroad121042882

How to Make a Wire Transfer With Wells Fargo

If you are a customer of the Wells Fargo Bank, you can make a money transfer online. Basically, there is nothing difficult in making a wire transfer through Wells Fargo. At this point, we will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to complete a wire transfer through this bank.

Before you will get to sending a payment, make sure that you are eligible to make money transfers online with Wells Fargo. Only customers who have had their accounts with Wells Fargo open for 180 days or more are able to make wire transfers online. Another requirement is that you must have a valid savings, checking, or Command Asset Program account. If you have it, go ahead.

This is how you can make a wire transfer through Wells Fargo completely online:

  • At first, you have to launch a new tab in your browser and go to the following webpage: https://www.wellsfargo.com/.
  • Next, you will get to see the online banking form. If you have an online banking account, you have to log in to it. If you don’t have it yet, you should sign up for an online banking account. Learn how to do both of those manipulations here.
  • Once you have accessed your online banking account, you should go to the “Wells Fargo SurePay” section. There, click on the “Add Recipient” button.
  • In a new window, add the details of the recipient: the recipient’s name and address, the name, address, and country of the recipient’s bank, the routing number of the recipient’s bank, and the SWIFT code of the bank.
  • Now, you have to specify the sum of money you want to send. Bear in mind that if you make a transfer after 4:30 P.M., it will be delivered on the next day.
  • After all, you will have to pay the fees for the transfer. They usually start at $30. You can get to know more how to do it by contacting the customer care of the bank: 1-800-869-3557.


Indeed, there are many things that may be unclear or non-understandable to ordinary users. Therefore, we have created this FAQ section in order to answer the typical questions from the users. At this point of our article, you will be able to learn more about the routing numbers of Wells Fargo.

Q: What is a routing number?

A: A routing number is basically a nine-digit code, which helps the financial counterparts to identify the receiver and send a money transfer to a correct recipient. The most common types of money transfers that require routing numbers include wire transfers and ACH transfers.

Q: Are routing numbers same as the SWIFT code?

A: These are completely different codes. The SWIFT system is used for international funds transfers. Besides, every American bank has a routing number. On the other hand, there are many (typically small banks) financial institutions that don’t have a SWIFT code. In such a case, if someone wants to make a payment from another country, he would have to do it through an intermediary bank.

Q: How can I find out the routing number of my bank?

A: Basically, there are plenty of ways to find a routing number you need (except of our page, of course). First of all, you can view the routing numbers of Wells Fargo above. But other methods of finding out the routing numbers include: using the bank’s official mobile app, using the bank’s online banking system, using a check, and using a bank statement.

Q: Do I need a routing number in order to get an international transfer?

A: Yes, someone else can use your account information (including your routing number) in order to wire the funds directly to your bank account in an American bank. In order to make that possible, you need to provide your counterpart with a wire transfer routing number and account number. Likewise, you will have to provide your SWIFT code as well.

Q: What is the difference between a wire transfer and an ACH transfer?

A: Basically, a wire transfer is an immediate, real-time transfer of money in the United States, where a direct communication between the banks occurs. This method is quite expensive, and you can understand why. ACH transfers, on the contrary, use a batch-process, but they are quite similar to wire transfers.

Q: Can I use SWIFT code instead of a routing number?

A: In short, the answer is no. Technically, routing numbers are used in order to make domestic money transfers in the United States. SWIFT codes, on the contrary, are used for making international transfers. As we have pointed out above, some banks don’t even a SWIFT code. Therefore, you cannot use SWIFT code in order to make a domestic money transfer.

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